AllNighters Turn 21


The AllNighters’ Spring 2014 concert was amazing for the vested men. We hope it was for you guys too! Check out this article written by Aubrey Almanza, a good friend of ours and a writer for the JHU Newsletter, about the experience: http://www.jhunewsletter.com/2014/04/24/the-jhu-allnighters-celebrate-turning-21-64001/

AllNighters Give Back

On November 13th, 2013 the AllNighters volunteered to teach A Cappella to kids from a Baltimore elementary school through the JHU Tutorial Project. The JHU Tutorial Project is an after-school program that seeks to provide academic support to kids from schools in the Baltimore area. Over the course of a few months every year, hundreds of kids come to Homewood campus where they are paired with a Hopkins student to receive one-on-one training in both reading and math. On Wednesday November 13th, The AllNighters were asked to perform a few songs and teach the kids the basics of A Cappella. Their training included learning about different warm-ups, singing specific voice parts, and learning how to beatbox. By the end of the tutorial, the kids were able to sing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz as well as Africa by Toto. While most of the kids have never received formal vocal training, we were quite impressed with the progress they made over the course of only a couple hours. The night was marked with great success and showed much promise in the future of the kids, not just on a musical level. In a way, helping the kids also helped the AllNighters. The importance of giving back to the community is something that a lot of people take for granted. Through teaching the kids A Cappella, we understood the impact of reaching out to those who might be less privileged and empowering them with specific skills. We hope to be involved in similar initiatives regarding the community very soon!

Fall Warm-up


Summer is typically something you’d want to remember. However, upon returning to Hopkins, God knows when you’ll find the time to spend the slightest bit of effort trying to reminisce upon summer’s sweet nectar. Fall is a reminder to also keep warm, because winter is coming. So we’d like to give you a nice warm-up of the Fall 2013 semester. FIRST, check us perform amongst many other Hopkins performing arts groups at the O-Show on Tuesday, September 3rd. SECOND, if you want to impress the ladies via aural arts via acappella via AllNighters, you must audition. Auditions are September 5th-7th. Contact us at jhuallnighters@gmail.com if interested. Until then, check out some of our Spring 2013 concert under Media. Can’t wait to see you laides…oh yeah, and the guys, too.


The JHU AllNighters

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